Knit a Tree

This has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen.  Wonder what the neighbors would think...

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Pom Poms, Please

I have always wanted to make a tissue paper pom pom.. I've just never had a reason to.  Gotta think of a reason...

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Stuffed Animal Fun

This stuffed animal book end from Martha Stewart's website is on my must make list, for sure!  Talk about "good things"  ;)



cutest (and genius!)

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Cool as a Cupcake

I love cupcakes!  Like regular cake, but cuter!  These are so simple, but so fun!

red velvet is my favorite :)

 (almost) too pretty to eat

the strawberries make them healthy. right?


What's better than a cocktail?  A pretty cocktail!


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Frame Collage

I just love the way a frame collage looks.. and the fact that you can easily switch up art as you please is especially appealing.  ♥



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Baby Blankets [oh so pretty]

A baby can never have too many blankets, especially if they're handmade with lots of love. ♥

oh so pretty

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First Post

I need a place to collect crafty-type inspiration; this blog shall be that place.

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